HighFaces - License

Ultimate JSF2 - Chart Library based on HighCharts

HighFaces is licensed under Apache 2.0. You can use it in any non-commercial and commercial project for free. However the software is provided AS IS without any warranty or liability. Use it completely at your own risk.

However, as HighFaces is based on HighCharts library, visit highcharts.com and check if you need a highcharts license for your project. HighFaces does not include a HighCharts license !

HighFaces PRO

bauer-live softwaredevelopment offers an additional support contract for HighFaces called HighFaces PRO. This includes 10 hours free support time via email per month, early bird access to new HighFaces versions as well as higher priority for submitted bugs or feature requests.

HighFaces PRO at a glance

Standard Usage HighFaces PRO
Use in any project free free
Versions Major public versions from Maven Central Early bird access to also minor versions
Support via Email none 10h / month and developer
Access to Source code via SVN to major releases SVN plus minor releases
Bug tickets / Feature requests yes yes, prioritized first
Costs free per month and developer, contact us at support@highfaces.org
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