HighFaces Showcase

HighFaces Showcase

The demo application demonstrates you various showcases for the HighFaces components.

The showcase runs on a very basic setup, using Tomcat 6, JSF 2.1 and Java 7. The additional components are from PrimeFaces 5.1.

Please use the left side menu to navigate to the component and use case of your interest. Besides the main feature, every showcase from the left side demonstrates an additional feature which is common to all other use cases as well.

Differences and additions or new features compared to the last version of HighFaces are marked in the menu.

Full source code of the showcase can be found next to HighFaces source code on http://highfaces.sourceforge.net and is also under Apache 2.0 License.
If you use HighFaces in your project, please consider visiting highcharts.com as you might need a license for it.

If you need additional features in HighFaces components, support, etc., please contact bauer-live softwaredevelopment.